Pregnancy is a very special moment for a mom, something amazing is about to happen, a little one is coming into this world. Let’s have a nice memory of this period of your life by having a unique portrait of you, a soon-to-be mom. They are also a beautiful keepsake that your children will also treasure once they are adults.

Pregnancy session is best to schedule on week 23-27, however it all depends on how visible is your belly. We would suggest not to wait far in as later in to pregnancy women tend to get tired quicker, also posing gets slightly difficult with a more developed belly.

I photograph the world the way I see it and I enjoy nothing more than a beautiful crafted image.

I also am an amateur traveler, professional tea lover and cat enthusiast. I love the beach and sunny lifestyle, that’s the reason I came to Malta. I am now pursuing a dream of having my career in a location I totally love – by the sea.

We will create the photographs to remember this magic stage of your life, we will make beautiful portraits, and by adding close family members truly Vivid Memories will be remembered.

Because a professional pregnancy portrait is timeless, all the small details count, professional Hair and Make-Up is included in the session, and with a collection of pregnancy gowns will allow us to bring to life the most beautiful image of you.

There several points on how to prepare for your session.

• Wash the hair night before

• Nails are best natural or painted in nude colour (unless we are going for a avant-garde look). Nails are not done in our studio.

• Nude strapless bra is a must (can be with straps if there is no other option)

• Underwear preferably nude without strong thick sewing lines or lace.

• You can bring accessories of your liking which we will choose accordingly to the outfits we will be using.

• Have some snacks and water

• Take a look at the hair and make up ideas you would like to talk to make up artist during your beauty hours.

• Bring platform shoes If you have. (In case of height differences or for certain dresses)

• All additional props are not used in our style of photography as sonograms or baby clothes etc… If you have something of sentimental value it will be easier to add it during newborn session.

• For your partner always will work white or bright color shirt and casual trousers with white sneakers or classic shoes( no black clothes/shoes)

• Please do not be late for the makeup and hairdo as our makeup artist might have bookings afterwards and might cut time short if needed.

• I do have an assistant helping me during the session.

• Have good night sleep 👌😍📸