I am Ksenija and I work with my husband Miguel, we are two photographers based in Oslo, Norway.


I am from Lithuania, and he is from Mexico. We got married in 2016, and after our unfortunate experience with wedding photographers we decided to make a difference in the industry and convert what was at the time only a hobby into something professional. We were sure at the time we could do a better job than what is in offer.


Our specialization is people photography, I am in charge of newborn photo shoots and Miguel of the portraits and headshots. Together we can cover your wedding or your engagement. We are ready to help you prepare your big day and truly enjoy it.

Smurf is our Studio Manager

The last but not less important member of the team is Smurf. Smurf is our (Home) Studio Manager and sometimes Creative Director, depending if he is interested. 🙂 But really he sleeps most of the day and only once in a while he comes to check out the work we are doing 🙂

Our home Studio is located in Stovner, Oslo. We can also shoot on location, depending the type of service.

Follow me on Instagram, my personal account is @ksenijaphoto and I feature my travels, and my view of the world.